Best Stability Ball Exercises for A Total Body Workout

Nothing amps up your at-home workout better than a stability ball. Due to the fewer surface area, this versatile piece of fitness equipment help you recruit more muscles in your standard workouts, and test your form, strength, and balance. To help you get started with using a stability ball, here are a few amazing workouts, that’ll work everything from your core to your glutes to your shoulders. 

Hamstring Curl

This amazing butt burner works the entire lower body with each rep by combining a hamstring curl with a glute bridge. To begin, lie down on your back and place your hands at your sides. The stability ball should be placed near your feet, with your heels and calves resting firmly on it. Keeping your head and back on the floor, engage your core and lift your lower back and butt off the floor with your legs extended. Roll the ball under your legs using your heels so as to lift your hips higher. This move is perfect for runners or cyclists looking to strengthen their posterior chain.

Hollow Hold

To perform the hollow hold, kneel down on an exercise mat with a rolled towel between your legs. Place the stability ball in front of you and place your hands on the ball. Keep your arms straight and tuck your pelvis under you. Drawing your belly button towards your spine, push your upper body away from the ball without arching your lower back. It is ok if your upper back rounds slightly. You can amp the traditional hollow hold by pushing the ball further away from you. While engaging your core.

Chest Press

Add a stability ball to your usual chest press to develop leg strength and incorporate core and hip stability. Sit down on top of the ball, making sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground and your legs shoulder-width apart, and hold a set of dumbbells in each hand.  Roll your body forward until your upper back rests on top of the ball and your shoulders are forming a straight line with your knees. Keeping your legs bent at 90 degrees, open your elbows wide at chest level. Keeping your hips lifted and your core engaged, press the weights up, squeezing your chest at the top, and lower down into the starting position. Repeat.

Leg Raises

If you are looking to work more muscles during basic leg raises, throw a stability ball to the mix. Begin by lying flat on your back on an exercise mat and stretch your legs out. Place the stability ball at the end of the mat and squeeze it with your feet. Slowly raise your legs up until the ball is pointing towards the ceiling, then lower back down into the starting position. Make sure not to let go of the ball throughout the workout. This will greatly engage your inner thighs and core.

Half-Kneeling Rotation

If you are looking to work your love handles, try this rotational movement to engage your obliques and improve your balance. To begin, kneel on one leg and keep the foot of the other firmly placed on the floor to stabilize the pelvis. Ease the pressure on your lower back by pulling the front leg toward the midline. This also helps to keep the muscles of your inner thigh engaged. Hold the stability ball with your straight arms, placing it on the knee of the forward leg, and round yourself over it. Rotate your torso to one side, keeping your hips square as your torso twists and then return to the starting position. Do a few reps before switching legs and twisting to the other side. This position forces your obliques to do the work and not your hips.

Side Leg Lift

Ready to work those buns and thighs; choose a knee and work towards those skinny jeans again. Simply kneel down on an exercise mat and lean your left hip against a stability ball. Bend your left arm on top of it, with your forearm resting on the ball. Place your other hand on your hip and extend your right leg out as far as possible to the side. Hold for 5 seconds, then retract slowly back to the starting position. Perform a few reps and change sides. Repeat.

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