A Shocking Kinobody Review For 2020; Is It Worth Its Salt?

Since time immemorial, people have been looking out for the magic elixir, regiment, product, or formula to engineer an “ideal” body. Fitness isn’t actually an exact science, but it demands unflinching commitment and hard work, which many people are not cut out for. Perhaps this is why we jump on to anything that promises an easy shortcut to a six-pack or the coveted beach body. It’s why a company that claims to be a “no-BS fitness company dedicated to getting you the movie star body you’re after in the simplest and most effective way possible,” is all that anybody could talk about.

Kinobody is the brainchild of Gregory O’Gallagher or the guy who is famed for becoming a millionaire by just taking his shirt off on YouTube and promising to get you a “Hollywood physique” like Chris Hemsworth (Thor) or Ryan Reynolds, without making you work out daily or restricting your diet.

You see, this is where O’Gallagher stands out from other fitness gurus – he isn’t just selling some run-of-the-mill exercise regimen or a mundane diet plan to get you in shape; he is selling a lifestyle. Ever since he found the conventional methods of bodybuilding – hours of laboring in the gym or 6 meals a day – highly ineffective in getting him a chiseled and attractive Hollywood physique, he decided to craft his own methods.

Perhaps like most of you, I first got to know about his program from a YouTube video titled “The real Bruce Wayne revealed.” The ad opens with a drone shot over a dense Canadian forest, and hovers over a clearing to reveal a gargantuan stone mansion. Inside the mansion, a musclebound O’Gallagher gets up from his bed, with a gorgeous brunette still sleeping by his side. This is when he introduces us to intermittent fasting, the crux of the diet, by telling us why he won’t eat for another eight hours. After downing a cup of coffee, he gets into his Lamborghini Gallardo, and heads for the gym. An airbag? Perhaps. But I have to admit, his program doesn’t sound half so bad!

About Greg O’Gallagher – The Fitness Superhero!

Born and brought up in Toronto, Greg is the son of the late Michael O’Gallagher, a Candian real estate mogul who was worth more than $800 million at the time of his passing. Ever since Greg was 6, he set quite a score by his action figures with their phenomenal bodies. Instead of playing with them like other boys of his size, he used to admire their abs and would often wonder how he could garner a similar muscular physique. As soon as he turned 9, Greg borrowed his father’s dumbbells and got to work.

“I was always fascinated with muscle and strength, so I was drawn to the physicality and loved watching the speed, power and precision in action movies. Even as a kid, I would be practicing these moves, doing push-ups and chin-ups. I just wanted to improve my body.”

Six years down the road, Greg started his own YouTube channel and began posting videos of his workouts and routines. O’Gallagher dropped out of college after his freshman year since he realized that real estate wasn’t his calling and worked briefly as a personal trainer before moving to Los Angeles.  After months of YouTube videos and blog posts didn’t earn him a dime, he released the Greek God and Warrior Shredding programs in 2012 and partnered with a marketing team the following year. In just 2 years, his programs had grossed more than $1 million in sales, giving birth to the Kinobody.

Yes, granted that O’Gallagher has his share of critics, with some dubbing his methods “too good to be true”, but I also see thousands of followers vouching for the program’s success. So, this is when I decided to dive into the Kinobody brand myself and discover everything I could about the programs before I try them myself. Let’s look past the “living in a mansion, eating at the best restaurants, driving expensive cars, and always having a beautiful woman on your arm” lifestyle he promotes. It’s time to really do some digging to see if these programs are worth their salt. Let’s begin!

What Is Kinobody All About?

Kinobody Review

Kinobody’s one-of-their-kind fitness programs are designed to help you garner a lean, muscular physique through proper nutrition strategies and workout routines. All the programs help you achieve excellent strength, ameliorate fat content while improving your lean muscle ratio, and enhance overall fitness. Unlike fitness programs like Kinobody, it helps you create a fulfilling life around your fitness goals. In fact, we found the company claims to be rather supportive and realistic.

Kinobody is offering 6 different programs pertaining to the fitness and health industry. While these programs are intended for different purposes, the goal of each is to help you build a chiseled body that others can look up to, regardless of where you are starting out – 15lbs underweight or 50lbs overweight. Now, you must be thinking if their programs are worth your hard-earned money? We’ll explore all of this and more, here. With over 50,000 mind-boggling transformations, there’s got to be something unique to this program.

Reviewing Top Rated Kinobody Programs

1.      Warrior Shredding Program

This “intensely focused” strength training plan claims to boost sex appeal, help you lose 2” off your waist and shed 6-8 pounds of fat while gaining muscle in all the right places, and give you a chiseled, coveted “V” shape Hollywood physique, in as little as one month. The best part: in no way does this program keep you fatigued or away from your favorite foods.

In order to tone your chest muscles to produce a lean, warrior shape, the program gives you an easy-to-follow and repeatable exercise and nutrition plan that will support workout performance, testosterone levels, and muscle gain. The curriculum includes strength training methods and key lifts, guidance for nutrition and dieting, lifestyle changes to incorporate the nutrition plan, and the actual 8-week workout program.

The Warrior Shredding Program promotes intermittent fasting and includes three workouts to be completed each week on non-consecutive days. There is a lower body workout, an upper body workout that focuses on shoulders, and another workout that focuses on the chest.

Each Warrior Shredding program includes:

  • 25 Detailed Modules
  • A complete Nutrition Plan
  • 3 Phase, 6-Month Workout Routine
  • Access to Kinobody Community
  • Warrior Shredding Quick Start Guide (Bonus)
  • Developing The Warrior Mind (Bonus)
  • Full Exercise Tutorial Videos (Bonus)

Cost: The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program costs a mere $69 and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

2.      The “Greek God” Physique

This program is a step up on the Warrior Shredding program and depends on “Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration” to help you augment the muscle mass you put on in the previous program, without gaining fat, and using the least amount of effort. Just by working out 3 days per week, this minimalist method of training will help you rapidly increase sex appeal, muscle mass, and strength.

The Greek god program teaches you the essential lifts for muscle building, exercise routines to help you break through strength plateaus, methods to boost your lifting protocol, and how-to specialization routines for accelerated muscle growth on lagging body parts. See defined hamstrings and quadriceps, impressive forearm extensions, triceps, and biceps, round capped deltoids, smaller waist, visually proportional muscle fibers, and thicker pectorals by the end of this program.

Kinobody’s Greek God Program includes:

  • 36 Modules: Workouts, Nutrition, Mindset 
  • The Perfect Lifting Protocol to Support Dense, Sleek Muscle
  • 3-Day Split Workout Guide
  • The MEGA and Specialization Routines for Continual Progress and Gains 
  • Private Members Community access
  • 4 Bonus Workout Routines, Lean-Bulking Blueprint and Self-Hypnosis

Cost: The Kinobody Greek God Program costs a mere $49 and comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

3.      The “Superhero” Physique

Think Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill. This bulking program in the Kinobody muscle development system promises to give you pectoral muscles like superman – the ultimate V shape that men envy, and women dig – and super, mind-shattering strength as well. As compared to other Kinobody programs, this one targets the upper body muscle more than abdominal muscles.  This is accomplished by training smarter, not harder- something called the “rest pause training.”

The program incorporates four phases, with each phase spanning eight weeks, with three workouts per week. The first focuses on building the back and chest, while helping you maintain the size of your legs, arms, and shoulders. From there onwards, you transition to the shoulder phase, where you start working on that superhero physique. The third phase focuses on your arms, while the final phase is for tying everything together. According to the founder, once you start this program, you will feel accomplished, happy, powerful, confident, optimistic, and more relaxed.

Kinobody’s Superhero Program includes:

  • The Complete Workout Routine in 4 Phases
  • Nutrition & Diet Guide to Fuel Muscle Growth
  • The Superhero Physique Standards to Plan Your Transformation
  • Detailed Diet Bulking Instructions
  • Superhero Guide to Dating (Bonus)
  • Hacking the Hollywood Physique Audio (Bonus)
  • Muscle Building Formula (Bonus)
  • Cardio Guide (Bonus)
  • Full Exercise Tutorial Videos (Bonus)

Cost: The Kinobody Superhero Program costs a mere $69 and comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

4.      Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

Claimed to be the most “sustainable and effective fat loss strategy”, this program aims to reprogram your body to promote rapid fat loss without putting you through crazy crash diets or extreme fat loss approaches. You have to reduce your body fat percentage before you can get fully shredded. This is why Kinobody offers the Aggressive Fat Loss Program to help you maintain lean muscle mass while losing body fat quickly.

Whether your body would benefit most from squats, rows, or any other exercise, Greg will walk you through how each piece of gym equipment can help you attain your ideal weight. The videos teach you how to remain satiated all day long, boost focus and mental clarity, stave off carb cravings, and outline a pretty neat meal plan that isn’t impartial to fat or carbs.

Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 program includes:

  • Main Course
  • Full exercise tutorial video
  • Becoming Present And Conquering Your Goals
  • Private Members Group
  • Audio MP3 course companion
  • Aggressive Fat Loss Cheat Sheet
  • The Science of Fasting
  • Hypnosis For Mental Programming & Behavioral Change

Cost: The Kinobody Aggressive weight loss Program costs a mere $69 and comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

5.      Kinobody Goddess Training Program

As you can guess by the name, the Program is a workout and nutrition system that uses strength training and strategic cardio exercises, in addition to a personalized nutrition plan, to help women who want to look like Scarlet Johansson or Jessica Biel, achieve a toned, fit, and slim body, that is not just “skinny”.

The best part of the Goddess Toning Program is that it lets you eat anything you want, while toning muscle and burning fat rapidly. All you have to do is follow the exercise regime 3-4 days a week, without obsessing over diet and exercise. You’ll even learn a host of fitness and nutrition tips which you can incorporate in your lifestyle in the long run.

The Kinobody Goddess Training program includes:

  • Nutrition & Diet Guide for Losing Body Fat Effortlessly
  • Complete Workout Guide to Build Muscular Curves
  • Aggressive Fat Loss Diet (Bonus)
  • Home Workout Plan (Bonus)
  • Exclusive Access to Kinobody Community (Bonus)
  • Goddess Mindset and Motivational Workbook (Bonus)
  • Full Exercise Tutorial Videos (Bonus)

Cost: The Kinobody Aggressive weight loss Program costs a mere $69 and comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

6.      Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Program

Kinobody’s 8-phase Bodyweight Mastery workout program works on a “diligently calibrated and fine-tuned approach” to help you lose weight and garner a proportionate, muscular, and lean physique without ever stepping foot in the gym.

 This makes sure that not only do you look your best, but also glean incredible strength. Anyone who wants to build a proportionate or lean physique, become more athletic or feel more in control of their bodies, should consider enrolling in this program. This program claims to give you well-defined shoulders, a slimmer waist, wider back, and a square chest. By the end of this program, you will be able to ace moves like one-arm push-ups and one-arm chin-ups, and all that with a V-shape, Hollywood action star figure.

The Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery program includes:

  • A workout program detailing all the exercises and phases
  • Nutrition guide for each phase of the program
  • Exclusive Access to Kinobody Community (Bonus)
  • A bonus video of full workout progression tutorials

What Can You Expect To Learn From Kinobody?

What we found obnoxious about the website was that you had to dig deep between long form landing pages to actually discover any useful nuggets of information about the program. And even then, I had to wade through tons of marketing hype, before I could find what I was looking for. Here’s my summary of what the programs have in common:

  • Rest Pause Training: Rest pause training is about taking short, 10-15 second rest between each set. Kinobody however advocates longer resting periods, such as 1-2 minutes between subsequent sets.
  • Intermittent Fasting: O’Gallagher promotes the 18/6 method, which cycles between 18 hours of fasting followed by six-hour of replenishing your body. Generally, people on the Kinobody are to avoid eating any food before 2 pm in the afternoon, and then consume a low-calorie meal (around 400 calories) around 2 pm. and eat a larger 1,600 calorie meal before 8. Pm.
  • Pyramid Training: This form of training starts with lower weight and performing a higher number of reps, gradually increasing to lower reps/higher weights. Kinobody, however, works along the principals of reverse pyramid training, which includes, beginning with your maximum weight, lowering it down as you progress.

Verdict: Does Kinobody Actually Yield The Promised Results?

You only have to check out its website to see before and after pictures of amazing transformations that people have gone through after completing one of their programs. We have read authentic reviews from thousands of men and women of all ages, who have gained strength and muscle while shedding fat, and surprisingly in just a couple of weeks. After that, they assert how easy it is to maintain the results with a couple of workouts each week and continued intermittent fasting. Looking past simple appearance, I have read countless success stories of people being able to add mad weight to their lifts after finishing the programs.

You only have to check out the Kinobody 12-week transformation contest that Kinobody offers, to see what I am talking about. Winners get amazing cash prizes. In fact, their aggressive testimonial campaigns are what has made the brand so popular. To sum up this Kinobody review, there is no doubt that the programs work, and Gallagher’s passion and energy, are indubitably contagious.

The best part is that you don’t have to hit the gym so often while following the Kinobody routine.  The workouts span about 45 minutes each, and the reverse pyramid training advocates doing 4-6 reps at your heaviest weight before gradually adding reps and dropping down the weight. This progression model makes sure you are outdoing yourself everyday and gives you a sense of accomplishment.