Does Green Coffee Extract Really Works or is it Just a Myth?

Weight loss is a major concern for people living in the United States. 

Researchers have seen a sharp increase in the percentage of obesity in the United States since the 80s. In just over the last decade, we have seen a 40% sharp increase in obesity rates within the U.S. alone. A large number of individuals belong to none other but people aged between 20. That’s approximately 93 million people who are currently obese as per the data published in JAMA in 2018

On the other hand, the CDC also confirms every state in the United States has 20% of adults with obesity. 

Such statistics reveal that obesity has become an epidemic in the U.S. It has become a major concern for people. Just as much as exercising is important, so is the importance of consuming the right weight loss supplements. Among such many, we have the Green Coffee Bean Extract which works like a charm. In this article, we will discuss what it is, how it works and what science has to say about it. 

What are Green Coffee Bean Extract? 

Currently standing at the top of the best weight loss supplements, Green Coffee Extracts are the fastest way to lose your weight in a rather short span of time. As the name suggests, the supplement is an extract from green coffee beans. What makes them so effective is the substance called Chlorogenic Acid. It contains bioflavonoids which have similar effects to the body just as caffeine. 

They were first promoted by Dr. Oz back in the year 2012. Oz is a renowned American TV doctor and indeed one of the most famous health “gurus” across the United States and the entire world. 

Who isn’t skeptical when it comes to weight loss supplements right? Will they work or they won’t…

Half of them are just too overly advertised. But that’s not the case with green coffee beans. They are normal coffee beans only that they are unroasted which makes them naturally appear as green. 

Why should they work?! Because,  

Coffee beans contain plenty of antioxidants and active compounds. 

The two most abundantly present are Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid. 

Unfortunately, a large quantity of this acid is removed when the coffee beans are roasted. Therefore, when you drink a regular cup of coffee, it might not have the same effect as the green coffee beans. 

How Does the Green Coffee Bean Extract Works?

Caffeine component in green coffee beans increases and boosts the metabolism from 3-11%. While, your metabolism is up, the Chlorogenic works as an active agent for burning fats in your body. 

Certain researchers have concluded that it can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tracts, and at the same time lowers blood sugar level and insulin spikes within the body.

Consider the consumption of green coffee bean similar to consuming a carbohydrate diet. 

Another research performed on lab rats revealed that chlorogenic acid can reduce body weight, reduce the fat stored in the liver and improve the process of fat burning hormone adiponectin. 

At the same time, Chlorogenic Acid is also found to dramatically improve the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in rats. Both equally contribute in increasing the unnecessary risk of heart diseases.

Benefits of Consuming Green Coffee Bean Extract

Commonly known as Coffea Arabica, the Green Coffee Bean Extracts are rich in antioxidants and therefore, hold a list of increasing benefits. Which of them are noteworthy? Here take a look. 

1) Kills Unnecessary Food Cravings

Green Coffee can control overeating and can kill unnecessary food cravings. Are you someone who usually give in to unnecessary hunger pangs? Do you usually end up consuming a lot of calories? Introduce some green coffee in your daily diet. It’s because the chlorogenic acid works as a natural appetite suppressant. It regulates your unnecessary needs of overeating and controls your cravings. 

2) It Improves Your Blood Circulation

Blood circulation controls several important bodily functions. The one most significant of them all is the transmission of oxygen to the cells and at the same time, removing gases and toxins from them. If your blood doesn’t flow freely in your body, it can lead to fatigue and lethargy which affects metabolism. By consuming a cup of green coffee you also give your body a boost in blood circulation. 

3) It Decreases the Absorption of Sugar

Green Coffee has many other benefits. It also decreases the absorption of sugar in the small intestine. As a result, your body fine-tunes itself to absorb less amount of sugar and store it as fat. Less sugar means an increased chance of burning calories and which will, in turn, help you lose the extra pounds. Lower high levels of sugar also benefit the body by decreasing the occurrence of Type-2 Diabetes.  

4) It Works as a Natural Detox for the Body

Another great benefit of consuming green coffee extract is the increasing number of antioxidants it contains. It works as a natural detox for the average human body and cleanses your liver from all harmful toxins, bad cholesterol and other fatty acids depositing unnecessary fats in the liver.

5) It Can Make You Look Younger Than You Are

If you want more youthful skin, Green Coffee can be your best bet. It can maintain the good health of your skin because as you age, the skin exhibits visible effects of ultraviolet radiation. You will see fine lines, discoloration, dry skin, sagging and what not. The green coffee extract contains some high volatile compounds that can remove blemishes from the skin and make it wrinkle-free bringing youth back.

6) It Increases the Boost of energy in Your Body

Why everyone loves to drink coffee? If it isn’t to get their natural energy boost for the day. Similar to a normal coffee, green coffee isn’t any different. It contains the same amount of caffeine as the natural coffee beans do. Caffeine stimulates the brain and releases dopamine giving the body a good feel. You will start seeing noticeable effects, increased focus, high-end motivation, and a positive outlook. 

There are plenty of other benefits too but here’s where we draw the line for the day. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article 🙂 Until next time. Cheers. 

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