Elevate Coffee Reviews; Is The Happy Coffee Really Better Than Your Cup Of Joe?

elevate coffee

In this cut-throat race, everyone seems to be stressed out and pressed for time, looking for ways to be smarter, faster, better! Well, I don’t know about you, but it sure sounds like me! I want all these things while avoiding a burnout, which means I am going to need something a lot stronger than my average cup of Joe on a Monday morning! Nobody is denying the fact that coffee is the most popular stimulant on the planet by miles. Its ability to reinvigorate, refuel and provide a brain boost is well attested, but what if you could ramp up the effects of coffee to supercharge its effects in terms of weight loss benefits, cognitive performance and energy boost?

Enter:  Elevate Smart Coffee.

What Is Elevate Smart Coffee?

Manufactured by the MLM company Elevacity, Elevate Coffee is a “smart coffee”, constituting a priority blend of fat burners, Columbian coffee, choline and amino acids. The company was established in 2014 in Frisco, Texas, and according to its official website, Elevacity aims to increase wealth, happiness, and wellness.

 Elevate claims to promote weight loss, while improving clarity and focus.  The “smart coffee” is supposedly rich in nootropics; ingredients that provide mental clarity. According to the manufacturers, the blend may also help obese individuals manage their weight. It does so by increasing a person’s energy levels for effective workouts, alleviating stress, boosting alertness, curbing food cravings, and relieving anxiety.

However, even though it is an instant coffee, the results are not so instant. What fuels my concern is the mere 2.6 grams of the “proprietary blend” containing fat burners and nootropics, per serving. With 13 ingredients in this special blend, how has the company managed to add a therapeutic dose of all those components in just 2.6 grams? With the exorbitant amount of caffeine per serving in their new formula, take more than one serving, and the caffeine content becomes a concern. My mind was buzzing with a million questions, which is why I decided to dig deeper into how Elevate works and the effectiveness of its claims. I tried the blend for one month myself, and here are my findings.

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Should I Try Elevate Coffee?

If you are someone who is seeking out more energy during the day or an extra boost when trying to lose weight alongside a healthy eating and workout plan, Elevate is the right choice for you. Also, if you have been feeling drained out and noticing mood swings due to a lack of energy, in addition to a losing mental clarity just halfway through the day, you need a pick-me-up dose to get right back on your feet. The main function of Elevate Smart Coffee is to give your body a boost to help you become a more energized version of yourself. This helps you stay productive throughout the day and get more work done. Not to mention, since Elevate tastes just like your average cup of Joe, why not substitute your morning coffee for something a whole lot better.

Elevate Coffee Ingredients

Ingredients in this instant coffee include:

  • Green Coffee Beans: Green coffee beans are becoming all too popular due to their anti-obesity properties. A study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, attributed this extract with a reduced lipid metabolism and adipogenesis, helping to reduce body fat accumulation.
  • Chromium:  Most weight loss supplements contain Chromium due to its fat burning properties.
  • Dark Roast Columbian Coffee: Since they contain N-methylpyridium, dark roast coffee beverages are found to be more effective in reducing weight as compared to their light roast counterparts.
  • Kingelia Africana Extract: The Journal of Natural Products proves the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of this extract.
  • Organic Cocoa: It has potent antioxidant properties due to the presence of flavonoids, such as procynidins, catechin, and epicatechin. It also supports LDL oxidation and reduces HDL.
  • L-Theanine: This amino acid is known for inducing a relaxation state in the body. An article published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms the role of L-Theanine in increasing alpha frequency band activity, which boosts alertness while helping your body relax.
  • PEA: Studies conducted on rodents, dogs, and monkeys conclude that this neuroamine improves mood, similar to an anti-depressant.

Other ingredients include Bacopa Monnieri Extract, A-GPC, Caffeine, Kucha Tea Leaf Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, and Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract.

Is Elevate Coffee Safe?

The safety of this beverage depends on its consumption. Drinking more than the recommended intake can be harmful to your health. The product is not suitable for nursing or expectant women, as well as users who are under 18 years old. The product label warns against taking the supplement with other caffeinated drinks or products. In addition, some of the ingredients used to make the Elevate Coffee might show side effects in certain users. For instance, green tea extract may cause an upset stomach, nausea, and an elevated heart rate. Cocoa may cause nausea, bloating and headaches in some users, while some people may experience dizziness and diarrhea due to the presence of L-Theanine.

Consult your doctor before starting any supplement if you have a family history of any medical conditions, suffer from any medical condition, or are using any other over-the-counter drug or medical prescription. Immediately discontinue use if you experience any abnormal or unusual side effects. Store the coffee in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

The Pros And Cons Of Elevate Smart Coffee

Here is my summary of everything I liked and disliked about Elevate smart coffee.


  • Scientifically backed ingredients are used in Elevate Coffee, that have proven effects on weight and overall wellbeing
  • Greatly provides a boost to your energy levels
  • Speeds up the far burning mechanism of your body
  • Kicks your metabolism into gear
  • Supports healthy energy levels throughout the day while decreasing fatigue
  • Lessens brain fog and provides clarity
  • The low-calorie formula is perfect for those counting calories
  • Keto-friendly, gluten free blend
  • Easily brewed in both hot and cold water.


  • The cost per serving is higher than your average coffee blend
  • Not everyone finds the taste to their liking
  • It may cause potential side effects, such nausea, bloating, jitteriness, and headache in some people.
  • Lacking scientific evidence on the core claims

Where Can I Buy Elevate Smart Coffee?

If you are looking to purchase Elevate Coffee, visit the official Elevacity website. While you cannot purchase directly from the website, the website will connect you to any of Elevacity distributors to buy Elevate smart Coffee. Elevate Coffee is also available through trusted online retailers such as Amazon.

How Much Does Elevate Coffee Cost?

The cost of Elevate Coffee is:

  • Elevate Coffee (24 individual packs) – $55
  • Elevate Coffee Tub – $55
  • Trial 2-Pack Elevate Coffee on Amazon – $10.99

If you sign up for the SmartShip program, you can save an additional $9 off your purchase. However, you will be billed monthly for the automatic shipments.


There is a guarantee, but most Elepreneurs fail to disclose it on their sites and it’s only good for 30-days.

Usage Instructions

The recommended dosage is one stick or one scoop of powder, mixed in with either cold or hot water in a similar way to normal coffee. You can also add it to a standard cup of coffee or any other flavored drink. No other instructions are supplied, but we are assuming only one cup is required per day.

Elevate Coffee MLM Structure

Being a multi-level-marketing company, Elevacity was founded in 2014 by Robert Oblon as a company selling nutritional supplements and other products. The company’s MLM program offers members (or Elepreneurs) a chance to make a few bucks on the side by selling their products, as well as lucrative opportunities to those who wish to share the opportunity with others. All you have to do is to pay $49.95 upfront joining fee, as well as $25 per month fee. Start receiving commission on personal and organizational sales volume.

The Elevacity compensation plan includes two different structures; binary, which pays on the weaker of two active legs and unilevel, which pays on the sales of members that you have sponsored.

Elevate Coffee At First Glance

The best thing about Elevate coffee is how effortless it is to prepare. Simple mix in hot or cold water, stir, and enjoy. The packaging includes a scoop for easy measurement. The easy to open tub contains 4.8 ounces or 137 grams, a full 30-day supply if you consume one scoop daily. As for the aroma, I didn’t exactly feel the same joy as when the whiff of my daily cup of Joe hits my nostrils first thing in the morning. The aroma is somewhat reminiscent of instant cappuccino sticks, with a hint of cocoa. The taste of Elevate coffee isn’t its selling point either. It’s not your barista grade espresso material, but if you like coffee with an earthy sense, you will adjust to the taste soon enough. In addition, its slightly bitter so if you are not used to drinking dark coffee, the packaging includes a Xylitol based sweetener as well.

Final Verdict On Elevate Coffee

To conclude our Elevate smart Coffee reviews, for an instant coffee – the results are not so instant.

The good part is that the coffee is loaded with fat burners and nootropics, which generally are known to increase cognition – the downside is that these components make up just 3.1 grams per serving, which isn’t a lot. However, its high caffeine intake means that you are restricted to just a cup or two a day, otherwise be prepared to face the consequences of caffeine overload.

To sum up, I think that the effects of Elevate Coffee depend on each individual, and while it may boost metabolism and help concentration for some, not everyone experiences this effect. While we do have studies suggesting that some of the ingredients included in this blend may have a positive effect on stress levels, metabolism, cognitive performance and fat burning mechanism, the amount of these ingredients is very low in Elevate Coffee. In a nutshell, it isn’t a miracle “fat burner” – so before you get yourself a tub, I say you keep your expectations low.